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Release your apps

Apphance flow helps in situation when repetitive tasks are needed to produce consistent software delivery to your customer.

Source code freezing 

Sometimes your customers requires you do deliver application code and documentation without the need/understanding of sharing the whole source code repository. This is usually a bit of a pain, because the application project needs to be stripped out of many unnecessary files: generated binaries, temporary files, source-code repository related files, gradle build etc. Flow prepares such a source code extracting just the files that are needed and excluding other files. It ties that in with your release so you can easily get the source for past releases. Of course you should be able do the same with proper Software Version Control system, but sometimes your customers want you to do it the old school way.

buildSourcesZip - prepares sources .zip file

Image montage

Sometimes developers use weird images when they are developing their applications. Sometimes they even leave some of the pictures even when they are not needed. It is very easy to forget about such images. We learned it the hard way.

It's a small problem if this is a Chuck Norris's picture, but if other, more involved, pictures are used, you'd prefer not to send such a build to your customer. Therefore Appahnce Flow provides plugin that at OTA deployment time prepares image montage of all the images that are embedded in the application. Such image montage is sent/stored together with the application and it allows to see in single eye-glance whether there are some pictures embedded that should not be there - prepareImageMontage task does exactly this.

Installable simulators for iOS

The archiveAllSimulator task prepares images of  simulators for appropriately configured variants. The images can then be run on Mac by simply double-clicking the executable file inside the image. The only prerequisite is to have XCode installed on the Mac.