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Automated testing

Automated testing plays crucial role in modern software development. Our experience shows that in mobile area the testing is a lot less stable and more difficult to setup properly, therefore we developed special tasks that helps in setting up and running tests for mobile projects.

Apphance Flow supports wide range of test tools to be used. Some of them are integration tests (run on emulator/simulator simulating user actions) and some of them are unit tests (testing internals of the application in isolation).

All below tests produce XML results (compatible with JUnit XML format) which can be analysed by Continuous Integration systems such as Jenkins. 

Android testing

Apphance Flow enables Android testing at single level: unit testing using robolectric.  Robolectric tests are spearate tests.

iOS testing

iOS testing requires additional prerequisite to be installed: simlaunch. The binary version is available at 
The source available at, MIT Licence

OCUnit (unit tests)

Standard Unit tests from XCode are executed and results are produced in junit-compatible .xml file.