OSX additional software

In order to configure OSX software you need to install some extra software and make appropriate configuration.
You also need some command line tools (for example mercurial and git). The best way to manage them on OS X is hombrew. You can install hombrew according to instructions on homepage and then install required packages using “homebrew install some-package” command.

But installing those tools is a little tedious job so github team crated awesome tool - boxen. We customized it to fit our needs (for example we added mercurial package).

Make sure to create /Users/jenkins symlink (one of the steps in the jenkins installation instructions), because Jenkins installer creates jenkins home directory in /Users/Shared/Jenkins. 

Now you are ready to install boxen. You should download it from here.
Next you should unzip it and run:

/path_to_boxen/script/boxen --no-fde

The no-fde switch disables encryption of the whole disk (you can remove it if you would like to encrypt the disk).
Installer will ask you for your github credentials (free github account is required).

Android SDK installation

In case you want to build Android Projects on your OSX system you need to install Android SDK. Make sure that android binary is added to your PATH. You can check it by running from command line:

android --help

Tools configuration

Some tools requires initial setup before first use.


git config --global user.email “you@example.com
git config --global usern.name “Your name”

Next steps

In case you need to configure mail server (when you want to use custom OTA deployment), follow Optional software installation or skip to Hello iOS or Hello Android in order to setup iOS or Android projects.