Add Flow to iOS project

Setting up the project
  • In the main project directory, download and save build.gradle file 
  • In case you want to use varianted builds, follow the Varianted Builds instruction
  • Setup your machine with appropriate certificates.
  • Download mobile provision file from Apple's provisioning portal (needed for testing and releasing) and place it in appropriate distribution directory (default is release/distribution_resources directory in main directory. More about it in iOS certificates and signing  
  • Run the command below - it will guide through preparation of project configuration and provide answers to questions asked. This step will generate file containing project's configuration.
gradle prepareSetup --quiet
  • Commit to your version control system new files: build.xmlgradle.propertiesbuild.gradle.hgignore or .gitignore
Unlike Android builds, it all has to be done on OSX machine. 

You can now run the command below, to see what you can do with gradle (do learn from excellent Gradle user guide  as well) :

gradle tasks

Remember you can always try Apphance Flow out on your own, development-configured machine - the only prerequisite is to have gradle installed (currently version 1.4).

Next steps

Setup iOS certificates - usually only first time when you setup project. 
If you've already done so, go straight to Jenkins iOS job setup.