Add Flow to Android project

Setting up the project
  • In the main project directory (where  AndroidManifest.xml is), download and save build.gradle file 
  • In case you want to use varianted builds, follow the Varianted Builds instruction
    • Run the command below. It will guide through preparation of project configuration and provide answers to questions asked. This step will generate file containing project's configuration.
    gradle prepareSetup --quiet
    • Commit to your version control system new files: build.xmlgradle.propertiesbuild.gradle.hgignore or .gitignore
    You can now run the command below, to see what you can do with gradle (do learn from excellent Gradle user guide  as well) :

    gradle tasks

    Remember you can always try Apphance Flow out on your own, development-configured machine - the only prerequisite is to have gradle installed (currently version 1.4).

    Next steps

    Setup Android certificates - usually only first time when you setup project. 
    If you've already done so, go straight to Jenkins Android job setup.