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Continuous Integration in mobile

Continuous integration is one of the key elements of modern software development process. While it is become fairly standard in server-side software development, it has not yet adopted in the mobile world. Apphance Flow aims to improve this situation, making continuous integration for mobile apps painless and easy to use by anyone. The term "continuous integration" in this case covers more than just integration - it covers the whole pipeline of mobile software development.

There are various small tools and how-to’s scattered on the Web. There are plugins to continuous integration tools for example, or scripts/blog entries that explain how you can configure your own builds for mobile apps. What we found is missing is an end-to-end solution that could provide working continuous integration solution in very short time to a team that would like to use it. A tool that can also aid best practice for mobile developers and allows the standardization of continuous integration for all projects across an organization.

Apphance Flow is designed to work well with any Continuous Integration System. We are fans of open-source Jenkins CI system - and we describe in detail the way how to use Flow with Jenkins. But Flow is designed to be CI-agnostic. You can take the basic steps of configuring any CI system with Flow and replicate it with any other system. 

We are also open for contribution of documentation/examples of integrating Flow with those. 

For the instructions on how to setup your own continuous integration - follow to Hello Continuous Integration.

We also offer help at