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Thanks to using Apphance Flow, you can get your mobile build process much more streamlined and organised. 
Everything that requires tedious manual work are automated - so that anyone can execute them.
Amongst many benefits of using Flow are: 
  • automate the building process of your mobile applications (iOSAndroid)
  • build/execution support for automated unit and integration tests including device emulator/simulator management
  • automated OTA deployment distribution for remote application installation on your devices
  • source code Quality Checks that can help in preventing common mistakes
  • multiple varianted builds that can help in handling multiple QA/Development/Stage variants of server side
  • simple setup for Continuous Integration environment that help in agile mobile application development
  • automated preparation of packages for software delivery in a consistent way between projects
  • automated Apphance Service integration 
  • quickly setting up your projects in consistent way within your organisation