Apphance Flow is a build automation tool for Mobile Projects
Targeted to help enterprises in bringing Continuous Integration to their mobile projects  

Build your apps Automatically test your apps Release the applications Deploy the application to users

Follow Getting started section to get Flow running for your projects.

When should I use Apphance Flow?

  • Flow is great if you want to standardise mobile builds across your organisation - it enables your organisation to use Continuous Integration in Mobile Development.
  • You need to have (or put up) your CI server in order to use Flow. Then you can use Flow in any iOS project or Android project

How much should I pay to use Flow?

  • Flow is free and open sourced under NewBSD license. Feel free to download the source code and contribute  to the project. 
  • Optional Flow feature is integration with Apphance Service. It is not required though and you can use many other benefits of Flow without integrating with Apphance, however the integration provide out-of-the-box features (such as releasing or reporting problems) which otherwise have to be prepared manually.
How does Flow work?
  • You might also want to learn more about Flow's concepts, or read an overview of its benefits.
Current version of Flow is 1.0-M1. We also have 1.0-M2 release which implements new configuration for Android - soon it will also be available for iOS. The plan is to release 1.0-M3 soon with both android and iOS new configuration and then fully usable 1.0 version with bug fixes and changed package name with com.apphance.flow package name (currently we are using old com.apphance.ameba prefix).

Who else is using Flow?

We are currently running Flow with a number of partners in beta-test programme. 
If you would like to become part of the beta-testing programme - drop us email at